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The children's school are performing The Lion King this year for the school production and when the school asked if I could make and design some headdresses for the lions, I was overwhelmed but excited. One term later the school has their cardboard headdresses for a male and female lions and its cub plus templates for the children to make in class, as many lion headdresses they can print'n'cut out of papercard.

Cardboard Lion Headdress Template for School Production

I was lucky enough to have some of the talented students from the school come and try on the costume headdresses and model them for me. As my boys are not too enthusiastic about getting up on stage for the production of The Lion King. I think they are a little young and overwhelmed. I know they will enjoy it, however I think we are going to take small steps to build up their confidence.

Cardboard Lion Headdress Template for Musical

It's taken a whole school term to design the templates for the lion costumes but I'm really proud of them and so glad the school asked me to do it. I put a lot of thought into the designs so that they look effective however are really simple to put together and easy to replicate.

Cardboard Lion Headdress Template

The templates give you the framework to make a Lion, Lioness and a Cub headdress out of cardboard. The headdresses fit a child or adult as the headbands are adjustable. There is also a bonus template that can be printed out onto thick card and be cut out with scissors, taped and glued together. It's a simiplified version, designed for a class of kids.

Lion Headdress: 45cm height 38cm width

Lioness Headdress: 34cm height 37cm width

Lion Cub Headdress: 28.5cm height 33.5cm width

Cardboard Lion Headdress Template for School Production

Things you will need to make this costume:

~ Single walled cardboard?

(between 2-5 mm thick , you should be able to fit each set of templates onto a 70x80cm sheet of cardboard)

~ A3 printer

~ Craft blade

~ Polystyrene ball 4-5cm diameter

~ Scissors

~ Hot glue gun and glue sticks

~ Blu-tac (Sticky tac)

~ Masking Tape

~ Brown/Kraft Paper

~ Paper Shredder

~ Bulldog Clip

I so hope you like the costume lion templates and can't wait to see them in not only our school's production but many school productions all over the world. To get a better sense of how the templates work, as well as an aid in helping you make the best costume possible. Here is a fun instructional video I have put together.

by Zygote Brown Designs

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