These tempates will give you the framework to make a Lion, Lioness and a Cub headdress out of cardboard.
The headdresses will fit a child and adult as the headbands are adjustable. There is also a BONUS template that can be printed out onto thick card and be cut out with scissors, taped and glued together. It's a simiplified version designed for the classroom.

Lion Headdress: 45cm height 38cm width
Lioness Headdress: 34cm height 37cm width
Lion Cub Headdress: 28.5cm height 33.5cm width

These templates are all in a 26 page digital downloadable pdf that requires a A3 printer

(the download is automatically emailed to you after purchasing)

Lion Headdresses

  • Paper Size Millimeter Inch

    210 x

    297 mm

    8.3 x

    11.7 inch


    215.9 x

    279.4 mm

    8.5 x

    11 inch


    215.9 x

    355.6 mm

    8.5 x

    14 inch


    297 x

    420 mm

    11.7 x

    16.5 inch



    279.4 x

    431.8 mm

    11 x

    17 inch