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So dinosaurs are a thing, right? My kids were really into dinosaurs when they were like three years old, everything had to be a just like a T-rex or Raptor "Come your veggies like a dinosaur". I thought that they had grown out of the whole dinosaur thing, but then Jarassic World reignited their passion all over again and dinosaurs are all the rage in our house.

DIY Cardboard Dinosaur Head Costume

So it's been a no brainer for me to make the next cardboard template a Tyrannosaurus rex, because in my kids minds he/she is the ultimate of all dinosaurs to dress up as.

DIY Cardboard Dinosaur Head Costume
DIY Cardboard Dinosaur Head Costume

Your can Download the Dinosaur Head costume template and dress up as your favourite T-Rex Dinosaur this halloween or fancy dress party with this Dinosaur head made out of cardboard.

DIY Cardboard Dinosaur Head Costume

Things you will need to make this costume:

~ Single walled cardboard

(about 5mm thick , you should be able to fit all templates on a 75x95cm sheet of cardboard) Most Ikea boxes will do as long as they are single walled

~ Thin Single walled cardboard or card

(about 2mm thick, you will need it thin enough to cut with scissors)

~ Black and white marker pen

The dinosaur head is easy to put together using the template and it's step by step instructions. There is also this fun instructional video to watch to help you make the best DIY costume possible.

by Zygote Brown Designs


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