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My kids are just obsessed with lego, legomen, duplo and any other brick like construction. They collect those mini-figurines from the 2dollars shop and love swapping heads, bodies, arms, legs and accessories to create their own characters and stories. So naturally they want to dress up like them.

This fun DIY cardboard lego head inspired costume is a great costume for Halloween or an added addition to dress up box for imaginative play. Download the template and make it out of some old boxes, your kids will love it and have the best fun.

You will need to make the costume:

~ Single walled cardboard ? (2-5mm thick)

~ A3 printer

~ Craft blade

~ Scissors

~ Hot glue gun and glue sticks

~ Metal ruler

~ Blu-tac

~ Black/white/red paint or marker

~ Lead pencil

~ Tweezers

~ Tape

To help you with the process or if you just want to see how it's done, watch this fun instructional video on how the brickhead is put together. You might be surprised at what you can do with a cardboard box. Who knew they make the best DIY costumes!

by Zygote Brown Designs - for the love of cardboard


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