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Do you want to build the best DIY snowman costume ever? Even thou I've grown up with hot summer Christmas's in Melbourne, I lived in the UK for a while and fell in love with their magical snowy Christmas's and making snowmen in the snow. It seemed only natural for Christmas that I make a DIY for a cardboard snowman costume.

DIY Cardboard Snowman Costume by Zygote Brown Designs

DIY Cardboard Snowman Costume by Zygote Brown Designs

I think this has become the kids favourite costume, since I made these for the boys every time someone enters the house they race of to put them on and surprise the guests. (Yes they are a bit of a show off the pair of them.)

DIY Cardboard Snowman Costume by Zygote Brown Designs

This costume is NOT extremely difficult to make however it does require some leave of coordination, but if you are a crafty person you should have no trouble making this snowman cardboard costume. You actually might even have a lot of fun.

The costume template makes the snowman about 95cm high, and 50cm wide. This should fit most

children under 10 years old. (for a larger size check out our top tip at the end of the template download.)

DIY Cardboard Snowman Costume by Zygote Brown Designs

Download the template and make it out of some

old boxes, all you need to make this costume is:

~ Single walled cardboard ? (between 2-5mm thick)

Most Ikea boxes will do as long as they are single walled

~ A1 printer (use a printing service)

~ Craft blade

~ Scissors

~ Hot glue gun and glue sticks

~ Blu-tac

~ Tweezers

~ Tape

Decorate it however you want, paint it, paper mâché it, make it a girl or a boy, put your own twist on it for the festive season.

To help you with the process or if you just want to see how it's done, watch this fun instructional video on how the snowman is put together.

by Zygote Brown Designs


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