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Run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man!! Why not save on all that running around this Christmas and up-cycle your cardboard parcel boxes into this Gingerbread Man (person) costume. It's the perfect fancy dress Christmas party costume and is so easy to make, you don't even need a template.

Cardboard Gingerbread man costume

It may look like this Gingerbread man (person) has cardboard eyes, however they are actually made from stretched old beige nylons. So this Gingerbread man can see where it is going when running from everyone that wants to eat it.

How to make a cardboard gingerbread man costume

It may not be 20/20 vision but it's enough to work well in this cardboard costume. This is such an easy costume to make from old cardboard boxes and nylons and makes the perfect last minute Christmas fancy dress party costume.

Cardboard Gingerbread man costume
Cardboard Gingerbread man

The costume was modelled on a cardboard gingerbread cookie that I have made over the years for my kids. The kids have been playing with them in their cardboard cafe and last year I attached red ribbons to them to make Christmas Tree decoration.

The gingerbread man costume is so easy to make that no template is needed. It's a simple concept and quick and easy to make.

The materials used:

  • Cardboard (Single Walled 2-5mm thick) (I used an old Nerf gun box that I had left over, it was perfect because the tone of the cardboard matched my sons Pj's. )

  • Single faced cardboard. (Had this cardboard in the house from a larger parcel, but you can buy this from any craft store. OR you can just use some normal single walled cardboard and score it on one side, so as it can be moulded around the outside for the circle head.)

  • Craft knife and scissors

  • Sticky tape

  • White paint pen or white paint and paint brush

  • Glue Gun and glue sticks (I use a low heat gun for this project)

  • Beige Nylons/stocking

  • Beige Pyjamas or any matching beige top and bottom. (We picked up some PJ's in a Kmart sale for $6 which were perfect).

NOTE: I tried to make sure that my nylons/stocking, cardboard and clothing were as close in colour and tone as I could.

Steps involved;


  1. Watch the below video to see how easy it is.

  2. Using a large bowl, trace around the outside circumference to make TWO perfect shaped circles. ( I used a bowl that had a diameter of 28cm/11inches)

  3. Carefully cut out the circles using a craft blade.

  4. Draw on your Gingerbread face design. ( I traced around a small tin to make sure the eyes were nice and round.)

  5. Carefully cut out your facial features using a craft blade.

  6. Turn your circle over (so as the back of the face is facing up) and cut your beige nylons /stockings into 3 pieces to fit over the eyes and mouth of the gingerbread persons face.

  7. Using hot glue, dap some along the top of one of the eyes and attach one side of the nylon stocking to the top part of the glue dabbing the nylon into the glue (I actually use a low melt gun and am very careful not to burn my fingers while doing this part. You can also put a bandaid over your finger to protect it or use a small piece of cardboard to dab down the nylon stocking into the glue.)

  8. Apply more glue at the bottom of the eye and stretch the nylon stocking down to cover the eye hole and dab it into the glue. You will need to do this to the sides of the eye as well to make sure the whole eye hole is cover with the nylon/stocking.

  9. Repeat this process with the other eye and mouth.

  10. Turn the Gingerbread face over and paint/draw your gingerbread face on using a paint pen or paint.

  11. Cut some single faced cardboard long enough fit around the gingerbread face circle with an opening at the bottom for the head and wide enough to fit a head in. (I used 21.5cm/8.5inches wide and 67.5cm/26.5inches long of single face cardboard, with the fluting channels running along the width.)

  12. Glue the single faced cardboard around the back of the gingerbread persons face trying to keep the edging flush with each other. Then glue the back of the head on the same way.


  1. Using the some single faced cardboard (or scored cardboard) fold it in half and trace out the around your hand (as seen below and in the video).

  2. Cut around your outline (making sure to keep the fold connection intact.).

  3. Open up your folded hand and glue the sides down. I used sticky tape to keep the side connected and so I could mould the cardboard to fit a hand in it.

  4. Draw/paint your hand design onto the the front and back of the cardboard.

  5. I used another sheet of single face cardboard around the cuff of the wrist however you could always just make a longer mitt.

  6. Cut a thumb hole.

NOTE: For help with definitions on types of cardboard and techniques visit the Tips and Tools page on this website.

Instructions on how to make a gingerbread man costume

I think you will agree that it looks pretty effective and considering it is so easy to make. Using a little bit of creativity you really can turn our everyday packaging and cardboard boxes into amazingly unique cardboard costumes that stand out from the bought stock standard costumes bought online. So let's get creative this silly season.

by Zygote Brown Designs


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