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I think this was one of the first helmets I'd made from cardboard. Back when my eldest was just 2 he was really into Mike the Knight and there started my first cardboard helmet. Since then I have had to make many helmets as battles have been lost and head sizes have grown. Over the years I have tweaked the design and now I pretty much stick to this simple template.

DIY Cardboard Costume Knights Helmet
DIY Cardboard Costume Knights Helmet
DIY Cardboard Costume Knights Helmet

DIY Cardboard Costume Knights Helmet

It's a fun DIY cardboard project to make for the kids (but yes there is also an adult size template too). The helmet visor is designed to drop down over the face as it pivots using a button rivet. You can paint it in "Mike the Knight" colours and pop a red feather on top or just leave it as it is, either way it's a great costume for Halloween or an added addition to dress up box for imaginative play.

DIY Cardboard Costume Knights Helmet

You will need to make the costume:

Knight Helmet Template*

Cardboard (single wall(double face) 5mm thick)

Craft blade

2 Jeans Buttons

2 Flat Washers

Glue gun and glue sticks


A Feather

(I used two feathers to achieve a fuller look but one would be fine)



Sticky tape


Hole punch

To help you with the process or if you just want to see how it's done, watch this fun instructional video tutorial on how to put the cardboard knights helmet costume together. You will have the best cardboard knights costume in no time.

by Zygote Brown Designs - for the love of cardboard.

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