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Looking to break out of the shell of ordinary costumes? Well this make it yourself cardboard cracked egg costume is a sure winner at the Easter parade. Get cracking and start crafting your own egg-cellent costume today!

Whether you're opting for a Humpty Dumpty costume, a prehistoric dinosaur egg, and dragon egg or the classic Easter Egg to surprise the people with at Easter.

Crafting your own cardboard egg costume is as easy as it gets. With just a few materials and a dash of imagination, you'll be well on your way to creating a up cycled costume for your Childs next parade or halloween event.

This is what you will need to make your own Cracked Egg costume

~ Cracked Egg printable pdf (which you can get using the link below)

~ Single walled cardboard

(The best cardboard for this build needs to

be firm and stiff, 2-5 mm think cardboard

that is not flimsy - remember thick cardboard

doesnt mean it is firmer, alot of the thinner

cardboards are more strudy)

~ Printer and paper

~ Sticky Tac (Blue Tac)

~ Craft Blade and scissors

~ Hot Glue and Glue gun

~ Masking Tape

~ 2 Ribbon/Heading Tape/Strapping at least 1-1.5 meter long. (optional)

by Zygote Brown Designs


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