You can't go wrong with a Frankenstein costume for halloween. Frankenstein is one of my all time favourite movies and I have been so excited about making this DIY costume out of cardboard. Dr Frankenstein created his monster in 1818 and you can now turn your own little people into Frankenstein monsters (that is if they aren't one already) with this easy and simple DIY.

I decided that Frankenstein needed some disproportionately large robotic arms made out of cardboard. So I did my own spin on the classic cardboard robotic arm that everyone has been doing in their STEM classes.

Frankenstein is a fun template to put together and is one of my quicker templates to assemble. Great for that night before mad rush, when you've just got a cardboard box, a glass of wine and you've need to make a miracle happen.

​​Things you will need to make the costume:

~ Frankenstein Head Costume Template

~ Single walled cardboard

(about 5mm thick , you should be able to fit all templates on a 75x64 cm sheet of cardboard) Most Ikea boxes will do as long as they are single walled

~ Thin Single walled cardboard or card

(about 2mm thick, you will need it thin enough to cut with scissors about A3 size)

~ A3 printer/paper

~ Craft blade

~ Paint

~ Scissors

~ Hot glue gun and glue sticks

~ Blu-tac (Sticky tac)

The Frankenstein head is easy to put together using the template and it's step by step instructions. Watch this quick fun video to see how easy it is to make this DIY Frankenstein costume out of cardboard.

To really blow away everyone with your Frankenstein costume why not try and make these giant robotic hands out of some cardboard rolls. Watch this video on how you can make these giant moving cardboard hands and make the perfect addition to your costume.

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