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I am loving the love for unicorns right now. They are such fascinating creatures, boys and girls (adults included) alike are swept away with their magic. And if you have some cardboard boxes lying around you can have your very own mystical unicorn. This DIY is the perfect project to do with the kids. All you need to do is print out the template, cut is out, (add a little glue) attach it to an intact box. And let the kids paint and decorate it however they like.

DIY Unicorn cardboard costume template
DIY Unicorn cardboard costume template

DIY Unicorn cardboard costume template

This fun DIY unicorn costume is great for Halloween or even a Unicorn party. Download the template and make it out of some old boxes, the kids will love it and everyone will think you are amazing.

DIY Unicorn cardboard costume template

You will need the follow to make this costume:

~ Single walled cardboard ?

(about 5mm thick , you should be able to

fit all templates on a 75x112cm sheet of cardboard)

~ A3 printer

~ Paint or marker

~ Ribbon or strap

~ Intact old cardboard box

To help you with the process or if you just want to see how it's done, watch this fun instructional video on how to put the cardboard unicorn costume together. You will have the best DIY costume in no time.

by Zygote BrownDesigns


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