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I have made this decorative Cardboard Scale Bust Collar for a fantasy dragon themed costume I am making for kids. I'm pretty stocked with the outcome considering how easy it is to put together and really like the look of the dragon scales and how they add to magical feel of the cardboard costume.

What I like about these cardboard scales on the collar is that the cardboard is not stiff and straight but drapes and moves like material, due to the fact the cardboard scales are attached to a piece of paper which is still free to move.

I made the collar to open in the front but actually think the scales look better covering the front or the bust however it can be worn both ways

What's super awesome about this method is that it could be used to make a feather collar, a shredded Kraft paper, or even autumn leaves version. I love little shoulder peices, but you can probably guess that from my profile pics on social media were I wear a Kraft paper version of this collar.

Watch the video to see how you can create your own paper template for collar and download the FREE pdf of the scales I used to create the decorative dragon scale collar below:

Dragon Scales
Download PDF • 408KB

Watch this short video as I walk you through how I created this fantasy Cardboard Scale Bust Collar. No one will believe that your Halloween or Carnival costume is made out of cardboard with this show stoppingly awesome cardboard costume collar.

by Zygote Brown Designs

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