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Halloween is not the same without the Pumpkin King himself. This spooky halloween costume is a fun upcycyling project that emulates the Halloween Town character Jack Skellington in this fun cardboard mask.

Spooky Cardboard  halloween costume

I think this is one of my spookiest cardboard costume templates, however we all know that the character we are trying to mimic, Jack Skellington only has good intensions. This fun upcycyling project will have all the head tuning this halloween.

Cardboard costume made to look like Jack Skellington costume

Using the same technique from the Paper Beard post, I made a beard for our Santa Claus imposter. I used the same paper template however cut out the moustache section and extended the paper beard up the side of the head for this Nightmare before Christmas Costume.

Cardboard Halloween Costume of the Night Before Christmas

This is the perfect spooky halloween mask to make out of up cycled materials this Halloween. There is no need to wait for parcels to arrive in the post, download the template and get started straight away.

Cardboard Halloween Mask that looks like a Night before Christmas Costume

Here is what you will need:

~ Single walled cardboard

(The best cardboard for this type of helmet is strong 2-3 mm think cardboard which is firm and stiff, not flimsy HOWEVER 5mm still works)

~ Letter/A4 printer

~ Black opaque tights/nylons/stocking

(NOT too opaque so as you can't see through)

~ Craft blade

~ Scissors

~ Hot glue gun and glue sticks

~ Blu-tac (Sticky tac)

~ Masking tape

~ Glue stick

Click her to Check out the template of this cardboard halloween costume


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