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If your child dreams of being a firefighter, now is your chance to empress them by making this firefighter helmet out of cardboard! With a few simple materials and this downloadable template, your child will be wearing a one of a kind firefighter costume in no time.

How to make a Fireman Costume made of Cardboard

By making your own sustainable cardboard costume helmet, you can customise it in ways that traditional bought costumes may not allow, making it truly one-of-a-kind. You or your child will definitely stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression at your next event with this Cardboard Firefighter Helmet.

Cardboard Fireman Helmet Pattern

DIY Fireman Helmet

By using a simple template and some basic tools, you can transform an ordinary piece of cardboard into a functional and unique firefighter helmet that reflects your personality and style. So, if you're looking for a fun and sustainable way to create your own firefighter helmet, look no further than cardboard and a downloadable template!

What you need:

To get started, you'll need single-walled cardboard we recommend using a thick but firm, not flimsy cardboard.


~ Small size 2-3mm thick cardboard

~ Medium size 3-5mm thick cardboard

~ Large sizes 5mm thick cardboard

Firefighter Helmet pattern

Other things you may need:

~ Printer and paper

~ Stick Tac (Blue Tac)

~ Craft Blade and scissors

~ Hot Glue and Glue gun

~ Masking Tape

With our downloadable template and walkthrough instructional video (which comes with the template), you can create your own cardboard firefighter helmet in no time.

Click through to get your own Firefighter helmet pattern


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