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When it comes to magical folklore that transcends many cultures, one cannot resist delving into the mythical legends of the Dragon. As the demand for a dragon costume design has been the number one most requested pattern, I felt compelled to create this dragon head costume template using cardboard. Embracing the spirit of creativity, this endeavor became an exciting project in my ongoing quest to bring these captivating creatures to life.

Dragon Costumes made of cardboard

Fueling my latest obsession, I have been engrossed in the art of assembling interlocking cardboard pieces to create these dragon scales in this dragon costume. The urge to design the scales cascading down the head and neck became undeniably essential.

Dragon Masks and dragon scales

My obsession with moving cardboard started when crafting a dragon scale vest showcased in the picture above, ever since then I have been on the hunt to improve on making the cardboard movable. If you're eager to discover the process behind creating this scaled vest from cardboard, you'll find all the details right here.

Children wearing dragon costumes made of cardboard

Tailored to fit A4/Letter size paper, the template/pattern offers convenience in the fact you should be able to print from home. However, should you desire a more grandiose appearance, fear not! It can easily be magnified to accommodate A3/Tabloid and even larger sizes. The choice is yours, depending on the captivating look you wish to achieve.

Dragon Masks

The Dragon Head template makes a great framework to create the perfect cardboard dragon costume for you and or yourselves fancy dress events. A walk through video shows you how it comes together, as well as illustrated visual instructions.

Dragon mask made of cardboard

Things that you will need to make yourself this Dragon Head costume are:

~ Single walled cardboard

(The best cardboard for this type of helmet is strong 2-3 mm think cardboard which is firm and stiff, not flimsy)

~ Printer and paper

~ Stick Tack (White or Blu Tack)

~ Craft Blade and scissors

~ Hot Glue and Glue gun

~ Masking Tape

Click through to download the template for the dragon mask

UPDATE: For those who find themselves intrigued, you might also be interested in exploring a recently added template/pattern that I have added in the realm of dragon costumes are these dragon wings. You can find out more about these retractable dragon wings here.

The best cardboard dragon costume with wings and mask


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