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I love cardboard and whenever a new box enters the house it seems such a waste to throw it away. So when we had to get a new kettle last week it meant we were left with a brand new crisp cardboard box. Mmmmmm... I have a back log of things I'd like to make out of cardboard and this box was perfect for a cappuccino machine.

Cardboard Cappuccino Machine Toy
Cardboard Cappuccino Machine Toy

I had a lot of fun making this and it didn't take very long. I made it so that the knob on the side and the coffee spout handle and the steam nozzle all move by using a few nuts and bolts.

It's been a big hit with the kids and they have been making imaginary chinos left right and centre, I actually don't think I could drink one more drop.

Cardboard Cappuccino Machine Toy

The materials used are as follows:

How I made it:

  • Turn the box inside out and re glue it.

  • Cut and fold the box as shown above, this way you redirect and form new walls and corners and don't have to awkwardly glue on additional walls.

  • Stick the sides from the inside together using sticky tape or masking tape.

  • To create the buttons I used three layers of cardboard, one square layer from single faced cardboard, a circle layer (also corrugated) and a smaller circle out of thick card with a hole punched hole. Glued all three layers together with PVA and then glued it to the front of the box.

  • Create a tray to fit,. Cover it in single faced corrugated cardboard. I also created some structural support in the middle and on the sides. Cut a circular hole for "drainage".

  • I used a material covered button for the light and glued it in.

  • Use an old ribbon tube and traced and cut out some discs for the front and back sides. I also used a 2 nuts and bolts for each fastening. This would mean these joints were moveable. I cut a circle the size of the dowel into the coffee spout and glued it in.

  • Made a hole in the box where I wanted the cardboard tube (steam nozzle) to go, inserted the tube and glued it down (then cut tube to length).

by Zygote Brown Designs

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