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My father is an avid Rover Car enthusiast and has a 1948 Rover P3. For the last Father's Day, I made him a viking helmet with wings, which is just like the vikings helmet that sits on the front of his Rover car. He loved it and my boys liked his helmet it so much, they asked for one too.

Cardboard Costume Viking Helmet with Wings
Cardboard Costume Viking Helmet with Wings
Cardboard Costume Viking Helmet with Wings

With this fun downloadable template I developed, you can make this winged helmet as well as the horned version that you can see here. All which are great additions to any dress-up box or for that next costume for halloween.

Cardboard Costume Viking Helmet Template

You will need:

Firstly you need to make the Basic Viking Helmet which you can download from here. There's also an instructional video to watch to help you with the process.

Once you have made this basic template you can decorate it however you like, either using wings or even horns. Watch the video at the end of this post or click here to watch it in youtube. If you want to add horns please visit my post on how to make cardboard horns for your helmet.

Cardboard Costume Viking Helmet Templates with wings and horns

by Zygote Brown Designs - for the love of cardboard.


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