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Here is the new addition to our cardboard family, a cardboard fireman helmet which I made the other day. This year our boys have really been into Fireman Sam so it seemed only fitting to make them this helmet. However sharing is still an art form that they have not yet mastered, so I'm in the process of making fireman helmet number two at the moment.

Cardboard Costume Fireman Helmet
Cardboard Costume Fireman Helmet

It's made in the style of an American fireman helmet just because I personally find them so much more romantic and glamorous than others (Australia).

Cardboard Costume Fireman Helmet

This is the first helmet that I have made to fit, the knights helmet was a bit of a guessing game, but this time I made a proper helmet frame, to fit Busters head and I think it's worked out a lot better.

Cardboard Costume Fireman Helmet Instructions

UPDATE (2023)

Fast forward 9 years and due to popular demand and persistent requests, you can now purchase the template!

So you can now put your firefighting skills to the test with our cardboard firefighter helmet template and make your very own helmet today by clicking the link below.

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