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A large cardboard letter is a great way to personalise your child's bedroom door. It's simple and effective, so easy to make and costs next to nothing. I've put one on each of the kids' doors but you can also use them as a bookend or to spell out your child's name on a bookshelf or wall or they make a great gift for a friend's baby.

Large 3D Cardboard Font Letter

Large 3D Cardboard Font Letter
Large 3D Cardboard Font Letter

Things your will need are:

  • Glue gun and glue sticks

  • Craft blade

  • Single faced cardboard

  • Singled walled cardboard

  • 2 copies of a large letter of your choice

  • Blue tac or tape


  • Print out 2 copies of a large letter of your choice (largest you can fit on an A4 sheet)

  • Blue tac or tape a copy of the letter to the single faced cardboard and a copy to the single walled cardboard.

  • Cut the letters out of the two sheets of cardboard

  • Cut a 3mm skirting (width of fluting) around the edge of the single walled cardboard (the backing)(this will mean you will have no fluting exposed from the backing cardboard)

  • Cut strips of the single faced cardboard about 1 meter long and 2.5cm wide (or the width of your ruler.)

  • Using the glue gun glue your single faced cardboard strips around the edges of the single faced cardboard, with the fluting facing inwards.

  • Score the strips to create creases in the corners so as you have crisp edging.

  • When starting a new strip try to start it at an edge or corner.

  • Glue the backing single walled cardboard onto the back. If you gave it a skirting you should be able to lift it up and apply the glue.

Large 3D Cardboard Font Letter Instructions


  • Have your single faced cardboard on an angle when cutting out the letter, it looks more effective.

  • You don't have to use single faced cardboard for the front, you can also use single walled if you like? However you will need to cut a skirting to conceal the fluting on the joins.

  • If you want to use it as a bookend or to sit on a shelf you could weight the letter down (with a little bag of sand) at the bottom inside before putting on the backing.

  • Try not to burn yourself.

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