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I have one special cake stand and I'm a little bit precious about it. Im really scared of breaking it (like my last). However I make cakes on a regular basis for family, friends and colleagues birthdays. I really want everyone to feel like their cakes are special and a cake stand dresses up any cake, even the ones I bake.

DIY Cardboard Cake Stand
DIY Cardboard Cake Stand
DIY Cardboard Cake Stand

So in an effort to give me some more cake stands that I can take with me to picnics, friends, family and work, I have been experimenting with making cake stands out of cardboard. I've made three stands, all different sizes and techniques.

DIY Cardboard Cake Stand Instructions

The Method

  • The first stand (above) is a simple stacking of cardboard circles with different radiuses. This was quite simple. I basically just had to find different circular objects to trace to form the shape. Topped with a 27cm disk of acetate film because, as you know, cardboard is not cake resistant.

  • The second stand in the middle was quite basic to create. Two identical stand shaped bases with slots above and below so as they slip into each other. I then reinforced the stand with another layer of cardboard scored in the middle to crease and bend into the corners of the stand. I also added to the 32cm cardboard disks and acetate with a scalloped single faced cardboard skirting.

  • The last stand at the end (above) was even simpler. It was basically a cropped cardboard yarn cone with a cardboard ring reinforcing the base width. I topped it with 18cm cardboard disks and acetate and using kraft tape reinforced with single faced cardboard, creating a skirting.

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