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Book week is coming up here and the book Fantastic Mr Fox is one our favourites. My kids love the character Mr Fox and the book has always been a favourite at bedtime. So it seems only fitting to create a cardboard costume mask for them to wear for this years book week.

Kids cardboard Fantastic Mr Fox Costume

Cardboard is the perfect material to use for a fox mask, it makes a great 3 dimensional snout and enables the ears to stand up and flick out.

Clever Mr Fox costume made from cardboard

The mask is amazingly easy to put together and comes with colourful paper overlays which are optional. You can use the full colour overlay or the more nature black and white overlay. Its up to you, you could even paint it if you like.

Cardboard DIY Fox Mask

Such a great simple way to dress up as your favourite character for book week or even as a halloween costume. The mask fits both adults and children, so nobody misses out. You could make the whole Fantastic Fox family.

Cardboard Fox Mask Template

Things you will need for this DIY is:

~ Fox Mask Template

~ Single walled cardboard (2-5mm thick)

~ Glue gun and glue sticks

~ Craft Blade ~ Blu-tack

~ Scissors ~ Glue stick ~ Face mask straps,

ribbon or elastic string

Click through to download the Fox mask template

To see how easy it is to make this DIY Fox Mask out of a cardboard box, watch this step by step video as it takes you through on how easy it is to make this simple but effect kids costume.

by Zygote Brown Designs


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