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Like father like son, they both have very similar interests and this Bounty Hunter Helmet has been a hot request by the two of them. It's been tough being stuck at home in isolation, and this has meant we have needed to find things to focus on (distract us) that would be enjoyable and entertain us and the kids. So this little project has been a great little distraction for us.

Cardboard Bounty Hunter helmet
Make your own cardboard Bounty Hunter Helmet with this downloadable template

Check out the shoulder armour on these two. The kids worked out that their skateboard knee pads made great dress up Bounty Hunter shoulder guards.

kids cardboard bounty hunter helmet.

How to make a cardboard bounty hunter

helmet is amazingly simple and so much fun. Great DIY for you to make and for the kids to decorate and make their own. With the template you get two sizes an adult and a child size. So the whole family can dress up as Bounty Hunters.

Things you will need for this DIY is:

~ Single walled cardboard

(The best cardboard for this type of helmet is

strong 2-3 mm think cardboard which is firm and

stiff, not flimsy )

~ Black opaque tights/nylons/stocking

(NOT too opaque so as you cant see through)

~ Craft blade

~ Scissors

~ Hot glue gun and glue sticks

~ Blu-tac (Sticky tac)

~ Masking tape

See how easy it is to make the best Bounty Hunter helmet, as I take you through the process in this how to video:

by Zygote Brown Designs


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