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With all this space travel going on, our children don't have to be billionaires to enjoy their very own imaginative space play. All you really need to make your child (or yourself) their very own Astronauts Helmet is some cardboard, cardboard tubes and a plastic bottle (and a couple other bits and bobs.)

Cardboard Astronaut costume

It seemed fitting to make the next cardboard template a space helmet, because we have been watching all the latest space exploration with fascination and interest. It's opened up a lot of thought provoking conversation in house about the future.

Cardboard Astronaut Spacem Helmet
Cardboard Space Astronaut Helmet

Creating an astronaut helmet from upcycled cardboard is not only a captivating DIY adventure but also a significant step towards embracing sustainability. By repurposing materials that are often overlooked, you contribute to a greener future while nurturing your creativity and scientific curiosity. So, grab yourself a cardboard tube, clear plastic bottle, gather some cardboard, and embark on a remarkable mission to fashion a truly stellar astronaut costume from upcycled materials!

Astronaut Costume Helmet

Download the link below to receive the printable template. Which includes written and illustrated instruction, as well as a links to a walk through video on how to put the helmet together.

Things you will need:

  • Astronaut Helmet Template

  • Single Walled Cardboard (2-3 mm thick, toy and electrical boxes are the best to use for this)

  • Home Printer and paper (Letter/A4)

  • Acetate (or a circular large clear plastic bottle, measuring at least 29cm in circumference and has a flat section of at least 13.5cm.)

  • x2 Jeans buttons and tac

  • Cardboard tubes

  • Craft Blade

  • Scissors

  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks

  • Blu-tac (Sticky tac)

  • Masking tape

  • Paper Straw

Click here to checkout the Astronaut Helmet Template/pattern

Check out this short fun video on how this DIY Cardboard Astronaut Helmet comes together, see if you are up for the challenge of making this fun costume.

Blast off into creativity as you embark on a sustainable space adventure. Join the sustainable DIY revolution and launch your own DIY space odyssey today!

Eco-friendly Space Costume

By Zygote Brown Designs


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