Whenever I'm cooking in the kitchen the kids want to be in there cooking with me. I want them to help, learn and experience cooking. However sometimes, it's hard and dangerous and I just want to get dinner done. So, in an attempt to distract, I've made the boys a cardboard oven. Now they can make their own culinary concoctions without mummy telling them that we don't need a potato in the spaghetti pasta sauce.

So far it's been good. They absolutely love the imaginative play and have made me many a meal that I have had to pretend to eat. All the knobs are movable so the kids can turn them round and there is a plastic window, to make sure they don't burn the cardboard cakes and treats. There is nothing worse than burnt cardboard.

The only thing now, is I think they need a fridge to go in their kitchen and I don't know where we are going to fit it.. Maybe I'll make a microwave instead?

The oven has probably been the most detailed cardboard creation yet and above is a little diagram on how I put it together. I started out with just a box and carved and built on to it until I was happy with what I had.

Tips and Reflections

  • I really tried to keep the edges as clean as I could, concealing as much fluting as possible. With a lot of the joins I would trim the edges of the cardboard (taking away a layer of card and fluting leaving just the back card of the cardboard) so as the joins would be a neat fit (as seen in the picture above).

  • For all the knobs I used teddy bear eye buttons (seen above) which just snapped in so all the knobs could turn and rotate.

  • To make the oven doors fold in at the side hugging the oven, I simply scored the inside of the cardboard, put some PVA into the fold and held the fold till it dried.

  • The oven door closes shut and holds because I cut a hole in the oven and stuck the cut out hole onto the door (with a sheet of acetate in between). So when the door closes the cut out cardboard inserts into the hole in the oven and holds it shut.

  • I would probably say this creation is not suitable for children under three years of age.

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